Week 2 – Liberty and True Health

I’m not sure if I’m imagining things or not, but funny things are starting to happen. Maybe it’s coincidence. The events of the past week have inserted themselves into my DMP as new possibilities open themselves up.
My revised DMP is drastically different from the first draft. I’ve decided that helping people has been and always will be a part of my MO. If I have greater resources, I’ll just give more away. No need to include this in my DMP.
Freedom has become “liberty” as I realized I gave up the dream of autonomy when I had children and met my life partner (my life isn’t really all my own anymore and I’m OK with that!)
What struck me this week was the conversation about “earnest desire.” I thought back over my life and realized that all of the things that I had really wanted, even if I didn’t admit them to myself (even if my conscious mind said “no!”) – they happened anyway.

I really wanted a baby. I thought I shouldn’t have one because I hadn’t met a decent partner yet, but …oops, there came the baby! My dream to travel, live abroad, move back to BC, become fit and healthy, make a life for myself and my child, escape from my cubicle, meet a life partner…it all happened. Now, I realize how much power and potential there is in really understanding what I want. How much power there is in really connecting with my deepest desire, acknowledging it without the cement of conformity and conditioning, and really going after it. It is 100% possible, even if I am completely clueless about the mechanism. It blows me away.
When writing my revised DMP, I really focused on how it made me feel. My first one felt more like a business plan, completely devoid of emotion. (Hey, maybe this is how I should write business plans going forward: Revenues will reach $168,000 in Q3…and I’m gonna pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate dude!) My new one is all about emotion, dreams, feeling alive. I am really starting to get excited. Who knows what it will look like next week!


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