Week 3 – Inner Light or Turkey Aroma?

It’s amazing to me how just missing the weekend webinars and having to catch up later in the week puts me behind in my crazy work/kid schedule. I’m sort of putting out this blog post on the fly because if I don’t, it won’t happen! So here goes my stream-of-consciousness post on my epiphanies for the week.

Reading the week 3 keys, I liked the concept of letting your inner light shine, or waking your solar plexus. This kind of speaks to my inner yogi and I really embraced the idea, although I think I may be a little optimistic in reading the signs. I went to yoga last night and was thrilled when the resident dog, a beautiful chocolate lab, got up off of his cushy couch where he was being coddled by a group of adoring fans, and wandered over to me. While waiting for class to start, he kept coming over to me, sniffing, rubbing up against my leg, and waiting to be pet. I thought, “Wow, my inner sunlight must be really coming through!” Dogs have a sixth sense, right? He must have sensed my inner peace and happiness, connection with the universe or whatever.

It wasn’t until I rolled over in savasana at the end of practice that I could smell the turkey. I’d been in the kitchen frantically throwing the finishing touches on a turkey dinner for my family before bolting out the door to make it to a yoga class. I could literally smell the roasted bird on my sweater. I have the worst sniffer around, if I could smell it, I know that dog must have thought I smelled pretty tasty!

Well, I got rave reviews for my gravy (which tends to be hit and miss), so I guess that counts for something!


5 thoughts on “Week 3 – Inner Light or Turkey Aroma?

  1. Renu

    OMG…I laughed out loud when I read this! I know what you mean about getting behind on the webinar and how it throws everything off. I’m a fellow Canadian, too, and on top of Thanksgiving on Monday, I was in Massachusetts for a wedding for the weekend. I’m still catching my breath!



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