Week 7 – Making Friends With My Future Self

I think this is potentially the most important concept for me to grasp in this course. I am the WORST procrastinator. I live in a state of frantic, behind-the-ball urgency that really doesn’t suit my Type B, “yin” personality. I don’t thrive in a state of “busyness” and chaos. I like calm, rose-smelling days. I NEED to make friends with my future self.

I finally finished my Press Release (yay!) – and yes, several weeks late. I’m not sure if this was the procrastinator at work, or just the “I have no idea what I want my life to look like” person. I am really starting to understand who I want to be: the kind of person, mother, partner, friend, community-member… Someone that person in the mirror can be proud of.

I spent hours working on the Press Release, so this will be a short blog – I have to get back to all of my late projects, plus make some cauliflower pizza dough (no, I’m not joking, and no it’s not as good as normal pizza dough).

I enjoy reading the blogs I have looked at, and wish I read more of them. A lot of deadlines will come and go by the end of November, so I’m hoping to catch up on reading some of the great stuff by fellow MKMMAers.



4 thoughts on “Week 7 – Making Friends With My Future Self

  1. Renu

    I agree that making friends with our future selves is the most important concept yet, not only to avoid procrastination but as a tool to treat ourselves better; to be kinder to ourselves and to behave in ways that help rather than sabotage our own futures. Looking forward to getting to know our soon-to-be best friends! 🙂



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