Week 11 – Wormtongue

I can confidently say that I had a breakthrough this week. This was in large part due to great friends, a great husband, a great guide, great tribe, and a great mastermind partner. I don’t think I could have pushed through alone.

My old pattern is to start all kinds of wild and wonderful projects, then quit halfway down the road when I hit an obstacle. The first 8 weeks of this course I was all in for the ride, then things in my life started to change. The change was for the better, but change is always hard, and my old BP fought back – hard. I got caught up in all of the drama around me and fell WAY behind in my readings, assignments, and focus. I looked at how behind I was and thought, “well isn’t that typical” and I almost abandoned the whole process, my business, and all of the work I had put in. “Maybe this just isn’t for me” my old BP whispered, “Maybe you don’t have the energy and willpower to do this. Maybe your old life wasn’t so bad…” At this point, I picture a slithering snake, my very own “Wormtongue” (for my fellow LOTR nerds).

Well, Og’s persistence chapter was well-timed. I can’t even imagine going back to my reactionary life. I looked back at all of the times I had pulled through, persisted and won. I have it in me to succeed. I’ve done it before without support, and this time I have tons of support, so no looking back!


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