Week 16 – This has to be on kindness

I love this week. I love the whole turning the world upside down thing. If you are looking for something, give it. It’s something I’ve known intellectually for a long time, but I am truly feeling it now and seeing it everywhere. I think that’s the difference with this course – it takes things you may know and helps you FEEL them, live them. The law of giving and receiving. Look for kindness, give kindness, and you create a world of more kindness. Such great stuff.

A friend of  mine is going through a tough time with his wife. He asked for advice and all I said was just listen. Just try to show your love and kindness. Show that you really want to understand her viewpoint, even if you disagree. I couldn’t tell him what to do, but personally I get so far with my big bear of a husband just by showing love and kindness.

It also gets me free bacon at the butcher’s 🙂

Peace, love & kindness on your hero’s journey!


12 thoughts on “Week 16 – This has to be on kindness

  1. masterkeybrony

    That is so lovely. I too have intellectually understood things and this course is ‘making’ me apply them and I am enjoying myself for it. I’m actually beginning to appreciate myself and the world around me … to the point of feeling overwhelmed with tears. And that’s been quite a bit lately. The feeling part is something I have wanted to experience for ever! and just this week it’s really starting to happen… every day! To feeling the spirit within! Trust and Believe in the unseen. Thanks for being on this journey with me:-)


  2. masterkeymaryc

    What great advice you gave. People know when someone is truly listening versus just waiting till they’re finished talking so they can. True listening is love in action. I hope he takes your wisdom to heart!



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