Week 17 – Unsettling Change

It’s not really that I feel good about my decisions so much as I know that I couldn’t have chosen anything else. So why so unsettled? I used to be good with change, I clung to it.

I guess the difference is that this time, I’m not running. I’m doing the opposite: stopping and facing everything I’ve been so scared of my whole life. Re-imagining myself, creating a new narrative as my awesome mm partner puts it, can’t possibly be easy. So I guess this is par for the course. As Davene says, it takes courage. If this were easy, I wouldn’t need courage!

I love the Franklin makeover. It is simple, it works, it is a beautiful way to effect change and fill our lives with beautiful moments.

This whole process hurts, but I’m glad to be here.

Peace out



21 thoughts on “Week 17 – Unsettling Change

  1. masterkeybrony

    I’m with you on that one. Today I feel I’m about to give up and run… but of course I’m not. I just feel like crap. But I’m hanging in there. That’s today… Last week I felt different. The process does hurt… and I’m glad to be here too. Peace be the journey:-)


  2. masterkeypamela

    What I felt from your message was familiar because it reminded me of times in my past where unpredictableness was the norm. That didn’t mean it was healthy. What I have taking from this experience is that finding a well designed norm based on a benefit for all is the best place to be. I find so much comfort now even though it was scary and difficult. Peace be the journey.


  3. jenorator79

    I am so grateful to read and be able to relate so deeply to your blog. I, too, am no stranger to change and staying put to face all this stuff that a change of scenery offered overshadowed, has been extremely challenging the past few weeks. But I push on and know that we will get to the other side of this. Much Love to you



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