Week 17HJ -What a day!

Ahhh, what a day!

We woke up to the clean, quiet beauty of freshly fallen snow. The smell of wood stoves on the chill air brought the sweet memory of roasted marshmellows to our minds. The sun even made an appearance through thinly scattered clouds.

Today is too beautiful for opinions and I take a long walk, open to all of the wonderful people and places around me. My path spreads before me – wide, clear, and uncluttered, like the peaceful wake of my future self.

I meet old friends and new ones. I help my children with their homework and do my best to answer deceptively simple questions about the world all around. I am here. I am finally here. It is like descending down from the sky and stepping lightly from the clouds into the real world. Back into my life.

I’m not usually so poetic and whimsical, but the day seems to call for it. I am on my hero’s journey and will surely have some dragons to slay, but for now life is sweet and I am here.


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